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Kevalay Company for Investment and Tourism Services

It was established in December of 2011 according to the license No. 722 issued by the Economic Affairs Department of the Executive Office of the Libyan National Transitional Council. Commercial registration number (4171) with a capital of 1.0 million Libyan dinars. A Libyan company with limited liability working in the field of tourism, travel, investment and tourism services, a member of the International Aviation Federation and a member of the American Society for Travel and Tourism .. .

What are the Kevalay?

Kevalay is the name of an ancient green zone, its center is nautical manifest Cape which located on the coast of the city of Misrata in Libya, specifically in the area called today Qasr Ahmed today. Kevalay is mentioned in the history of ancient Libya (the fourth century BC) in historical documents bearing the name (the longest distances in the Great Sea). It is considered the oldest documents mentioned the area found.

What is the goal of the Kevalay?

Kevalay looks forward to be a reference that serves the traveler, the tourist and the investor through a clear base of plans, information and data to revitalize tourism in Libya in particular and tourism in general and to enhance its components, horizons and incentives.

Company activity

  •  Issuing domestic and foreign travel tickets for all airlines operating inside Libya
  •  Issuing travel tickets on all international airlines to all countries of the world through our use of the Amadeus global system for electronic reservation.
  •  Provide private jets for businessmen and delegations.
  •  Organizing tourist trips for groups coming to Libya.
  •  Organizing tourist trips outside Libya for groups and individuals.
  •  Organizing medical and treatment trips.
  •  Providing Hajj and Umrah services.
  •  Organizing conferences and exhibitions inside and outside Libya.
  •  Hotel reservations all over the world through global reservation systems.
  •  Providing transportation to and from the airport and providing rental cars in all countries of the world.
  •  Through the global car rental companies that we deal with.
  •  Complete the procedures for obtaining visas.
  •  Issuance of health insurance policies for travelers.

The company’s activity also includes:

  •  Investing in implementing projects for developing tourism and transportation services.
  •  Management and investment of tourist facilities, such as summer residence, tourist villages, hotels, cafes, parks and theaters.
  •  Conclude cooperation agreements with tour operators and travel agencies and commercial agencies in the field of tourism investment.
  • Providing technical consulting services to public and private entities and institutions in the field of tourism investment, and issuing periodic magazines for tourism identification.

The company’s offices and branches:

kevalay Travel and Tourism – main branch:

Kevalay for Hajj and Umrah:

Downtown office – Misurata:

Airport Road office – Misurata:

Tripoli Branch:

Al-Burj Office – Tripoli

Company capabilities:

  1.  Travel ticket reservation:

 Based on the membership of the International Aviation Federation , the company has the possibility to use the Amadeus global system for electronic reservation of all international airlines, including contracts concluded with:

  •  Libyan Airlines Company.
  •  African Airways Company.
  •  Libyan Wings Company.
  •  Late Airways Company.
  •  Tunisian Airlines Company.
  •  Turkish Airlines Company.
  •  We have a contract with companies and agents abroad that allows us to book travel tickets on any airlines, especially those that do not operate inside Libya.
  •  A contract with Locust International to provide the advantage of booking on private airlines and domestic flights in most countries of the world, especially Europe, at the best prices.
  •  The possibility of providing private aircraft for businessmen and official delegations, in addition to providing ambulance aircraft through our contract with the Libyan Express Company.

2–  Field of hotel reservations:

The kavalay Company has an exclusive agency for the Travel Hub system for hotel reservations in Libya as well as in Tunisia, which includes more than one hundred thousand hotels around the world, through which we book and distribute them to companies, offices and tourist agencies working in this field. In addition to dealing with local hotel reservations companies in many countries to facilitate the affairs of customers when necessary, to provide a better and faster service.

3– Visas:

The company completes the procedures for entry visas by dealing with embassies or consulates operating in Libya, starting with preparing the official application for the embassy, translating it, securing insurance policies, booking an initial travel ticket, booking an initial hotel reservation, and fixing the date of the personal interview in the event that he requests that from the embassy and obtaining the traveler’s invitation and any personal matters. We can also provide invitations to visit, if not available, upon request.

4– Transportation:

Providing transportation to and from the airport and the possibility of providing rented cars in all countries with or without a driver, in cooperation with the major car rental companies in the world, with the possibility of receiving the car in one country and delivering it at the airport or in another country.

5–  Health insurance:

The ability to issue health insurance policies for travelers through international insurance companies that we deal with as a company (TIBESTY) for insurance inside and outside Libya and Al-Thiqa Company.

6– Medical tourism field:

The kavalay Company has agreements with a number of hospitals, sanatoriums and companies specialized in providing medical services in a number of countries, enabling us to provide the best services to our customers to carry out medical trips in a number of countries, including some tourist programs as desired by the customer

7–  Hajj and Umrah:

The kavalay Company has an exclusive agency in Libya from the Saudi Dar Al-Mehrab, which is a company that specializes in Hajj and Umrah services.
We have a subscription to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah; we can issue electronic visas directly from our office in Libya.

To provide services:

The kevalay Company has cooperation agreements with a number of international companies specialized in the field of travel, tourism, insurance, health, transportation and some embassies in order to provide their services represented in: tourism trips – transportation – medical tourism – health insurance – visas – Hajj and Umrah services.

The most important of these companies:

  •  Al-Mehrab House for Umrah Services (Saudi Arabia).
  •  Travel Hub agency in Libya.
  •  Partner of LinkCore in Tunisia.
  •  Tomas Cook Company (England).
  •  Travco Company (Egypt).
  •  Abu Samra Company (Egypt).
  •  Odonis Corporation (Turkey)
  •  Karnak Company (Turkey)
  •  Sinbad Company (Egypt).
  •  Foras Company (Emirates).
  •  Darina Company (UAE).
  •  New Holiday Company (Morocco).
  •  IPes Corporation (Malaysia).
  •  Within Earth (Malaysia).
  •  Olive Company (Jordan).
  •  Supreme Company (Lebanon).
  •  Ornet Queen Cruise (Lebanon).
  •  Bravo Company (Tunisia)
  •  Top Event Company (Tunisia).
  •  Tebesty Insurance Company.
  •  TNT Company.

Company experience:

We provide our services in the field of travel and tourism from the date of the inauguration of the company until this moment to customers from the private and public sectors, through our offices, in addition to providing more than 55 companies and travel and tourism offices with service in all of Libya’s cities and contracting with a number of public and private agencies including:

  • Cabinet of Ministers.
    Accounting Office.
  • Cabinet of the General National Congress.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Labor.
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
    Airborne Defense Authority.
  • Health Services Administration Misurata.
  • Ras Lanuf Oil Manufacturing Company.
  • Wazen Oil and Gas Company.
  • Libyan Emirates Oil and Gas Company (Lerco).
  • Alinma Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company.
  • Al-Ruwad Medical
  • Equipment Company.
    Al-Swaile Club.
  • Hope Hospital.
  • Al Jazeera Medical Hospital.