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حقيبة السفر

So do not waste travel bag

So do not waste travel bag

حقيبة السفر

How many black or blue luggage do you see when you receive your luggage at the airport? Many right? This is one of the reasons why you want your bag to be distinctive and prominent among other bags. Below you will find our tips that will ensure that your bags and luggage will also travel with you.

1. Choose the bag that will stand out in the crowd

When you buy your bags look for bright bags such as red, pink, yellow, orange and light green, these are good options. Embossed or embossed bags will prevent you from taking your bags by mistake and avoid any chance for others to take them. This will also help save time when you wait in the luggage area to identify your bag. It is also possible to lose your bags or not to find them in the baggage collection area, making it easier for you to give a description of them and help them find them easily. Another way to highlight your bag is to attach it to a bright strip or decorate it with stickers you like.

2. Put your information on the bag

It is important to have your name on your luggage, try to buy bags with a clear outer pocket so that you can insert a card with all your current data. It is also important to put a card inside your luggage and more details as it will be easy to find if you lose or steal. It is also a good idea to name any of your important things if they are lost or stolen such as electronics, your favorite jacket or other clothes, shoes and your memo.For example, sew or use fabric pens for clothing and UV pens are good for labeling luggage.

3. Take care of valuables

Carry with you anything you don’t want to lose or might ever steal like credit cards, wallet, passport and jewelry. Don’t leave these things in your bags, and you can buy suitable belts for safekeeping. Also make sure that anything valuable will be covered by the insurance company.

4. Watch out for your luggage

Before you travel, make sure your luggage is in good condition, that the mailing addresses are correct and clearly named and that you have the necessary insurance.

5. Photograph your luggage

Take a clear and good picture of your luggage and store it so that you can easily access it in your mobile, for example, if your luggage is stolen, this is another form of identification where you can provide pictures to the police or those present at the airport. Photograph any other valuable items such as passports, credit cards and, if possible, give a copy to a trusted person in case something happens – God forbid.

6. Make a checklist

In order to have a detailed list of the suitcase and make it two copies one to keep you familiar with your things and the other to give it to the airport in case you lose your bag.

7. Know the airport code

If you check your luggage with an airport employee, be sure to ask for the three-digit airport code for your destination and verify that the correct code is printed on the baggage labels before being sent down the aircraft carrier.

8. What to do if you do not find your luggage at the airport?

First, don’t panic! If this happens to you, look for it well and then go to the Lost & Found Office.Make sure to fill in any paper forms they have with as much information as possible to help them find your bags quickly.If you have any prints for your luggage, don’t forget to attach them to them too. There is a possibility that she may have been held in storage for safe storage or loaded onto a non-stop flight, even if you stopped on the way.

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