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How do you plan a successful five-step travel trip?

How do you plan a successful five-step travel trip?


Each of us has a different pleasure in traveling, some of us enjoy watching the landscapes only and others enjoy watching the civilizations of other countries and some also enjoy visiting the islands and relaxing, so we find a disparity in the assessment of some cities between people, for example Austria and Switzerland will find nature Wonderful cities you will not find anywhere in the world but not a good place for those looking for civilization, and cities such as New York and Chicago are one of the most beautiful urban developments but you will not find relaxation, when you know what you enjoy and what you are looking for you can easily choose the best tourist destination fit Your desires, when choosing e You should organize your trip in an easy and non-tiring way, by searching the map of the country or countries you want to visit and determine the route between the cities you will visit so that they are close to each other and not tired.

Time to travel:

When you decide on your destination you should know that every city in the world has a beautiful season and a certain time to visit, for example if you want to go to the city of Miami to see the sea and enjoy it you have to choose the right months otherwise you will come storms and rain from all sides and will have to sit in your hotel for a period You should also know that many cities have strange annual festivals. For example, there is an orange throwing festival in the Italian city of Evra in February each year, so you should look for festivals available at the time of your trip to enjoy it.

Early booking of flights:

Early planning for any trip is very important. It helps you choose the best and easiest routes for the country you want to travel and reduces the cost of hotels and flights by 40-60%. Most airlines have 3 types of tickets. First, the non-refundable ticket is very cheap for less than half the price. Secondly, the ticket is not refundable and does not change. Second, the partially refunded ticket is less than a quarter of the regular ticket but you can change it or refund a small amount of it. Third, the refunded ticket is the highest price between the tickets but you can redeem or cancel it without extra fees. Less Whenever you book at least four months in advance, you will have the opportunity to choose the best itinerary for your country at the lowest prices.

Choosing the right accommodation:

The place of residence for me is one of the most important factors for the success of any trip, so you have to choose the right place and suitable for your needs, here I will mention the steps you need to know to choose the best hotel that suits you, first determine the people traveling because all hotels calculate the amount of person and there are some rooms do not take more Two people and if you are three you will have to book a new room from the same hotel, secondly determine the right location for you to live, and here I usually recommend places near the landmarks or tourist streets, but sometimes they are expensive and not at the required level or live in a place far from tourist places, but you have money There is easy access to all these places, such as a train station or a bus stop nearby. Sometimes these hotels are cheap and of a high standard. Thirdly early booking from known and reliable sites booking through these sites is 10-20% cheaper than hotels and you can in these sites to know the opinions of guests and their evaluation of the hotel to make it easier for you to search for the right place.

Making a daily schedule for tourist places:

Organizing time in travel is the most important point for the success of any trip and take advantage of all the city has to offer you, each city has its own attractions and the time varies from one teacher to another. Some of them will take you more than 4 hours and some will take half an hour, you must organize your time to take advantage of them and not waste any time and you must also know the times of tourist places before you leave the hotel most of them close their doors in the early hours or they need to book in advance, preferably a question The hotel or place of residence you want to go before you leave the hotel may be closed for maintenance or it is not the right time to visit.

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