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الأمتعة داخل الطائرة

For the first time traveler: Learn about airport procedures and aircraft services

For the first time traveler: Learn about airport procedures and aircraft services

الأمتعة داخل الطائرة

If you are traveling for the first time and do not know the airport procedures and services provided on the plane, or you have traveled before but have encountered some difficulties during the check-in process, read the story of Issam.

Issam decided to travel to France during his holiday, so he got a ticket and packed his bags to get ready to travel. Issam went to the airport on the day of the flight an hour and a half before the departure of the plane, but he was surprised by the heavy movement of passengers and overcrowding at the checkpoints, he was too late to complete the check-in procedures, and was prevented from boarding the plane because he arrived only a few minutes before the departure time, so he missed the opportunity to travel. Receive compensation from the airline for the price of the ticket.

If you don’t want the same story to follow, follow the tips and advice provided by airports and airlines, so you can check in smoothly.

Early departure to the airport:

التوجه إلى المطار

The passenger must check the deadline for the departure of the aircraft, and can obtain this information by reading the instructions on the ticket, or by checking with the airline on board, to have ample time to check-in. The time required to arrive at the airport is limited to two hours for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. Make sure you take the time to complete your travel.

Preparation and validation of travel documents:

Make sure you carry all the necessary travel requirements, and put your official papers in a small handbag easy to open and carry with you to the cabin of the plane, you will be asked for these documents several times before you board the plane, and this bag should contain:

  • Valid passport, air ticket, ID card and booking confirmation, and visa to destination country (if required).
  • It is advisable to put money, a check book (if any), official and important papers, and a pen, as well as some blank papers you may need at the airport.

Luggage Systems and Weights Allowed:

After entering the airport and passing through the first inspection gate, look for the office of the airline you are traveling with, along with the above documents.

Present the bag to the office clerk to weigh it, make sure it does not exceed the allowable weight, and put the label on it. Your carrier may charge you an additional amount if your baggage weight exceeds the limit. The employee will confirm your travel documents and ticket and write down some data, then return your passport, and replace the ticket with boarding pass, which contains the flight number, departure gate number, boarding time and seat number. Keep this card because you will need it at security checkpoints and when you board the plane.

If it is an indirect transit, for example, you will travel to Paris via Istanbul, that is, you will stop for hours in Turkey, ask the employee to give you all your boarding passes together. If you want to get rid of your bag while in Turkey, ask him to send it directly to the last stop. If you want to sit by the window, feel free to ask the employee.

The airline with which you travel determines the total weight, size and dimensions allowed. These restrictions vary depending on the class of travel and the destination. It is advisable to contact the company or check its website before traveling.

In most international airports, the maximum baggage allowance is set at 32 kilograms per bag for cargo on board, and 7 kilograms for a hand baggage.

Baggage allowed on board:

الأمتعة المسموح بحملها داخل الطائرة

In addition to hand luggage, you can also carry these items for free to the cabin:

  • Handbag, or purse.
  • Coat, cover or blanket.
  • Small camera, and / or binoculars.
  • Reasonable collection of reading material for the trip.
  • Baby food for the trip.
  • Baby cradle.
  • Orthodontic devices or prosthetics (provided that the guest is dependent on them).
  • A handbag for documents, or a laptop.
  • cell phone.
  • Folding stroller.
  • Umbrella or walking stick.
  • A pair of crutches or walking aid if needed by the passenger.
  • laptop.
  • Baby food and other necessary items for the trip, but not more than 7 kg.


Make sure you get a list of baggage and prohibited items during your flight from the airline police with which you travel, and inquire about the prohibitions in the country you are traveling to. There are items that are prohibited to carry in the cabin of the aircraft but are allowed to be transported as checked baggage. Among the prohibited objects are sharp, abrasive or explosive tools, tools that can be used as sharp objects, as well as bats, sticks and martial arts equipment of all kinds.

Passengers traveling to the United States from the following Arab countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco) are prohibited from taking certain electronic and electrical devices to the cabin, so it is advisable that your bag is free of such luggage: batteries, power banks, electronic devices larger than a cell phone or telephone. Smartphone, such as a laptop, tablet and cameras. Britain also prohibits carrying the same items to the cabin for direct flights coming from (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon).

Finally, we recommend that you carry a reasonable number of bags, remove any old sticker on them so as not to cause confusion, and distinguish your bag by marking them so that you can easily find them later, and make sure that you lock them tightly before handing them to the airline employee.

After you pass the previous stage smoothly, you’ll find security checkpoints. They ask you to pass your bags under the control of goods and luggage, do not panic of these procedures and stay confident of yourself so as not to doubt your behavior.

Departure to the departure hall:

Once you have completed your passport inspection, go straight to the boarding area. Read the information on the boarding pass and try to use the big screens around the airport to reach the terminal.

If your flight is indirect, don’t bother with your second boarding pass because you are now heading to Istanbul, not Paris. Look for the Istanbul flight gate, and do not hesitate to ask for help from airport staff.

Follow the screens to announce the departure times of the aircraft, and listened to the systems to address passengers, to know the date of departure and open the boarding gate.

In-flight services:

Often airlines provide meals and refreshments to passengers free of charge on their planes. Some aircraft also have entertainment, such as a movie screen and listening to songs.

Airlines also provide sanitary facilities or toilets, except for short flights organized by small planes, which may not be available.

In the case of indirect transit:

If your flight is indirect and arrives at your first destination, make sure you board your ticket from the time of the second flight.If the time is long, try to take the time to stroll through the airport facilities or sit in a café or restaurant there.There are shops and cafes at the airport that cater to all tastes.

Some airlines offer guided tours to passengers on non-stop flights if the time is long, and ensure a night’s overnight stay at the hotel for customers who stop overnight, all for free. Try to get in touch with the instruction desk to direct you to the designated office, in order to benefit from the service.

If the time is tight, try to rush to the boarding gate of your final destination, and wait there until the time of departure.

Check-in to last destination:

When you arrive at your final destination, whether it is a direct flight or a transit, carry your belongings and try to catch up with people departing the plane, and follow the arrivals signs that you will encounter at the airport, until you reach the passport control window.

The passport control officer will confirm your passport and may ask you the reason for your visit. Wait for your bag in front of the luggage belt. After receiving your bag you will pass through the customs security checkpoint, and once you have completed all these steps, you will have completed your trip safely.

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