About Us

About Us

Kevalay is named after an old green area which centre was a conspicuous maritime land. It is located on the coast of the city of Misurata in Libya; it was specifically located in an Area presently called Qasar Ahmad.

Kevalay was mentioned in the history of Libya (Forth Century BC) in some historical documents by the name “the longest destination in the big sea". These documents are considered to be the oldest documents ever found that mentions this area.

When was Kevalay founded?

Kevalay For Tourist Services and Investment offers to serve its clients in the best ways using the latest technologies supervised by a group of trained and highly experienced counsellors, booking officers and tourist guides. Kevalay also offers its clients consultative services to lead them to the best options with affordable prices.

Kevalay’s services include the following:

- Founding, managing and investing in tourist properties such as resorts, tourist villages, hotels, cafes, fair grounds, parks and cinemas.

  •  Issuing all kinds of tickets whether travelling by plane, ships or even by cars or trains along with making booking for tourists using all sorts of transportation.
  •  Organising programmes for tourist, local and foreign groups and also organising trips inside and outside Libya along with insuring that the transportation and accommodation of the tourists are fully arranged.
  •  Making agreements of cooperation with organisers of tourist trips, travel agencies and trade representations in the field of tourist investment.
  •  Offering consultative and technical services for public and private sectors in the field of tourist investment, magazines publishing, tabloids and instructional brochures to publicize tourism.
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